Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Set Up

I am here to testify that it is a 15 minute brisk walk from the hotel lobby to the conference center where the Travel Expo is taking place. Yet this morning it took an hour, due to bad information and poor directions which sent me all over the place. You also have to pass through acres of slot machines in the casino (running at full tilt at 8am), and about 27 mouth watering restauarnts (thankfully most are closed this early)

The exhibition hall is a sight - a construction site of huge crates, fork lifts and chaos, and huundreds of hulking teamsters putting things together. I see furniture, beds, whirlpool tubs, towers, AV equipment - it's a city in the making!
After I get our display together (no problem!) I roam, I have breakfast, I look out to the beach (the desert version -white sand and wave pool) and pool area but it's too cold (oh and um I didn't bring a suit). Later it's time for the Buzz Marketing seminar which gives me some good ideas to work on. And of course I make best friends with the agent sitting next to me. By the end of the session we were making plans for a group to Costa Rica next December..
I did succumb to the slot machines before retiring this evening. But you know what? No more tokens or coins! Everything is paper now - tickets you buy in a machine and insert, or else you can pull out your 20's or 50's and slide those in too. You can also open an account and get a plastic card you swipe. It's annoying to have to go to one counter or another to get the right paper to play a machine - no spontaneity! - But the real truth is I just miss the kerchunk of the falling coins. My $20 bill became $50 and then backslid to $24 - now I have a piece of paper, like a coupon, worth $24 to be cashed in - or played tomorrow!

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