Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tuesday is a Sun Day

After a LOT of rain last night it was time for something different. Sure enough after a morning grey, the sky opened up blue as could be. I spent so much time harping on the boys to repeat their sunblock... well I got burned myself. A minor detail.

One of the highlights of today was RAW MEAT SANDWICHES for lunch. This was standard fare for Granny growing up, and also a real treat for me as a child. For you nervous parents, we are quite careful choosing what beef to consume.  Nicco remembered trying 'raw meat' in Tyringham and did not hesitate to cook his burger today, but Leo, Sean and I happily filled our plates with the uncooked beef, Chow Chow mustard pickle, red onion, and Crazy Salt. Sean cleverly added cheese to the mix. It was all delicious.
Nicco's cooked burger to left, Leo's raw one to the right

Sean's is... just right? (note perfect avocado on the side)
Along with frequent applications of sun screen this afternoon, the boys spent time on the beach, and we all played BananaGrams by the pool. Perhaps this sounds dull, but while on vacation boring is redefined as relaxing!

Then Granny and I had a dinner out with some clients of mine, and the boys went to dinner at....where else but Hamburger Heaven. Guess it was a beefy kind of day.

Monday, April 19, 2010

We made it to Palm Beach!

The journey was a success - We have nothing but good things to say about the Holiday Inn Express by TF Green Airport in Providence - fun staff, pool and jacuzzi, comfortable beds and a reliable wake up call (at 345 am...). All flights went smoothly - to Washington DC then an easy connection to West Palm. Our bags were almost first off the plane (as I intended, but the boys didn't believe...) and a short cab ride - we were at the house in Palm Beach by 1130am with time for a swim before lunch.

We've had some rain and cloudy skies but it's warm and everything smells good (though the gardenias haven't bloomed yet) This afternoon cleared to amazing blue skies, and everyone learned you can get tanned even through the clouds.

My ankle is holding up - I'm doing a lot of icing and elevation, but have also walked to the local bookstore, and through the mega-Target. Might throw on the boot and try biking! The boys have tossed the football on the beach, played in the pool, and been to the court for some hoops. Oh, and rode the bike path some too. Tonight they are off exploring at City Place, though we all ate so much dinner I'm not sure how they could even move. But - count 'em! - as of this afternoon there were still three boys here!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

End of the Road

Well..... OK what to report. I have no photos to illustrate what I've been up to - been too busy attending seminars on the importance of blogging and posting photos and video. Did you know for every one hit on commercial websites there are 10,000 hits on blogs? Don't worry, as soon as I figure out my niche I am jumping ALL OVER it. This is a money maker waiting to happen - though it already has for lots of people. (Hm, why am I telling you this?)
These seminars have been great and full of good ideas though in my opinion they almost all began with way too much doom and gloom. Just give me the good stuff! I don't need to be encouraged to be depressed, I can do that part all by myself.
Then yesterday and today I rushed off to man the Thomson Family Adventures booth for all of those 'Luxury Travel Agents" looking for just the right thing for their clients. Thought there were a fair amount of people clearly not taking this seriously I did meet a good number of interesting dedicated travel agents. I look forward to building a solid tribe so we can all make some money!
Now I've broken down the booth (the entire city of elaborate displays seemed to disintegrate in a matter of minutes after the close of the show), and fit it back into the shipping case (phew). I showered and packed (a complicated mathmatical challenge to fit it all back in my little bag). And hey! I have a bit of time to hit the slot machines before heading to the airport... Now that the work is done that kind of seems like a fun idea so I'm going to pull out that last $10 bill that says SLOT MACHINES on it and see how long it lasts. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Set Up

I am here to testify that it is a 15 minute brisk walk from the hotel lobby to the conference center where the Travel Expo is taking place. Yet this morning it took an hour, due to bad information and poor directions which sent me all over the place. You also have to pass through acres of slot machines in the casino (running at full tilt at 8am), and about 27 mouth watering restauarnts (thankfully most are closed this early)

The exhibition hall is a sight - a construction site of huge crates, fork lifts and chaos, and huundreds of hulking teamsters putting things together. I see furniture, beds, whirlpool tubs, towers, AV equipment - it's a city in the making!
After I get our display together (no problem!) I roam, I have breakfast, I look out to the beach (the desert version -white sand and wave pool) and pool area but it's too cold (oh and um I didn't bring a suit). Later it's time for the Buzz Marketing seminar which gives me some good ideas to work on. And of course I make best friends with the agent sitting next to me. By the end of the session we were making plans for a group to Costa Rica next December..
I did succumb to the slot machines before retiring this evening. But you know what? No more tokens or coins! Everything is paper now - tickets you buy in a machine and insert, or else you can pull out your 20's or 50's and slide those in too. You can also open an account and get a plastic card you swipe. It's annoying to have to go to one counter or another to get the right paper to play a machine - no spontaneity! - But the real truth is I just miss the kerchunk of the falling coins. My $20 bill became $50 and then backslid to $24 - now I have a piece of paper, like a coupon, worth $24 to be cashed in - or played tomorrow!

Vegas is FAR

It's 2 am and I just got to my room at Mandalay Bay. Considering I left the office for the airport at 330P I'd say it's been quite a day of travel. I could be in China by now!

OK first of all - SLOT MACHINES at the airport. I should have known, but it is kind of jolting to walk off the plane and see them RIGHT THERE. I was tired and didn't stop, though at the luggage carousel there was a huge screen showing previews of all the shows and I got so absorbed in that my bag passed me by about 3 times before I saw it.

A little cab ride took me to the hotel where a line of 40 other cabs slowly edged their way up to the hotel entrance. Vegas is a happening place! Then I had to walk about 3 blocks from the front entrance to the registration desk where there was a line of at least 20 eager guests checking in.

My room is fab - big bed, bigger bathroom with 2 sinks, a jacuzzi tub AND a shower stall AND a second room for the loo (took me a minute to locate it). One of my goals this week is to use ALL of them.

I am hungry and curious - but I am not sure I can make it back downstairs for the Action which is surely at full tilt....

Oh hey what the heck, I'm in Vegas! Guess I'll go walk around.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Test Number Two!

This is a favorite picture from work. Let's see if it enhances my blog!