Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Vegas is FAR

It's 2 am and I just got to my room at Mandalay Bay. Considering I left the office for the airport at 330P I'd say it's been quite a day of travel. I could be in China by now!

OK first of all - SLOT MACHINES at the airport. I should have known, but it is kind of jolting to walk off the plane and see them RIGHT THERE. I was tired and didn't stop, though at the luggage carousel there was a huge screen showing previews of all the shows and I got so absorbed in that my bag passed me by about 3 times before I saw it.

A little cab ride took me to the hotel where a line of 40 other cabs slowly edged their way up to the hotel entrance. Vegas is a happening place! Then I had to walk about 3 blocks from the front entrance to the registration desk where there was a line of at least 20 eager guests checking in.

My room is fab - big bed, bigger bathroom with 2 sinks, a jacuzzi tub AND a shower stall AND a second room for the loo (took me a minute to locate it). One of my goals this week is to use ALL of them.

I am hungry and curious - but I am not sure I can make it back downstairs for the Action which is surely at full tilt....

Oh hey what the heck, I'm in Vegas! Guess I'll go walk around.

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