Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Test Number Two!

This is a favorite picture from work. Let's see if it enhances my blog!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Saturday in paradise

I don't think I've ever seen such a beautiful day as today. Not a peep of a cloud anywhere. The Boys are awake and already downing cereal when I pop over to the cottage at 8am!! They come over to the main house for eggs bacon and English muffins, then take off for Leo's tour of the property. Hiking climbing, exploring endlessly.
Granny and I go to the outlet mall and the grocery store since morning is her free time - starting at 1pm she needs to be around for visitors to the gardens.
We're back in time for lunch - the boys obviously whipped up an appetite being outdoors - and then I drop them in the center of town for basketball. I confess I let Leo drive (he does have a legal learner's permit, and several hours practice behind the wheel) down the country road, while everyone else huddled in the back, silent. Leo did a great job.
There is some chuckling about the 'center of town' since it consists of one small building for the post office, and a mail box. Blink and you miss it. They stayed for a couple of hours, and I must report that the two-team of Leo and Parker whooped the three-team of Dustin, Nicco and David. I think there was betting behind the scenes, and now Leo and Parker do not have to do any clean up in the I htink they're standing just a little taller...
There are at least 15 cars parked outside, for all the garden visitors today, it's amazing.
Now they are showering so we can head into the outlet mall... I need to pick up my cell phone whch I left in the Bass store (ahem) and they want to look around. Then we'll meet Granny for a yummy dinner in an Indian restaurant in Lee.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Off to the Berkshires, October 10 2008

Milo and Maria left around 230pm; The Boys showed up at my house after school and whipped around snacking, packing and completing the mandatory bathroom visist. We were on the road by 415 which I hoped would get us a teense ahead of the traffic.
No such luck, It's a holiday weekend and EVERYONE is on the road. We *crawl*. No problem, there is a party atmosphere in the car and everyone is having fun.

At 630PM we are not even at Sturbridge which I always take as the halfway point of the 2.5 hour car ride.... Things are a little quieter in the back, but we have plenty of snacks so no one is starving

Once we pass Sturbridge things open up and I even get to go the speed limit. For about 7 minutes. Then we stop again - this time it's an accident way up ahead. Once that clears and we can speed up again - it's not almost 8PM - we see a sign indicating 29 mor emiles to the exit. ARGH. The boys are silent.
We roll in about 845PM. Granny, Milo and Maria are all fed and happy, and jump up to cook our burgers while we wash hands and feel oh so glad to be out of that car. It's like the best food we ever had in the warmest nicest kitchen ever. The boys went off for a walk in the dark (I hear they didn't get very far - it is REALLY dark here in the country) and the rest of us drifted off to bed.