Thursday, December 4, 2008

End of the Road

Well..... OK what to report. I have no photos to illustrate what I've been up to - been too busy attending seminars on the importance of blogging and posting photos and video. Did you know for every one hit on commercial websites there are 10,000 hits on blogs? Don't worry, as soon as I figure out my niche I am jumping ALL OVER it. This is a money maker waiting to happen - though it already has for lots of people. (Hm, why am I telling you this?)
These seminars have been great and full of good ideas though in my opinion they almost all began with way too much doom and gloom. Just give me the good stuff! I don't need to be encouraged to be depressed, I can do that part all by myself.
Then yesterday and today I rushed off to man the Thomson Family Adventures booth for all of those 'Luxury Travel Agents" looking for just the right thing for their clients. Thought there were a fair amount of people clearly not taking this seriously I did meet a good number of interesting dedicated travel agents. I look forward to building a solid tribe so we can all make some money!
Now I've broken down the booth (the entire city of elaborate displays seemed to disintegrate in a matter of minutes after the close of the show), and fit it back into the shipping case (phew). I showered and packed (a complicated mathmatical challenge to fit it all back in my little bag). And hey! I have a bit of time to hit the slot machines before heading to the airport... Now that the work is done that kind of seems like a fun idea so I'm going to pull out that last $10 bill that says SLOT MACHINES on it and see how long it lasts. Wish me luck!

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